Trash to Homes

Constructing Affordable Eco-Houses in Africa

Constructing houses from plastic waste in Africa is an innovative solution using recycled plastic waste that can address housing shortages while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Uganda has 210,000 housing deficit units needed in urban areas and a staggering 1.395 million units required in rural areas

Global plastic production has doubled since 2000. Plastic waste can be used in construction, reducing landfill waste 

Using plastic waste in construction creates jobs in waste collection, processing, construction, research, and training sectors.


Constructing Houses from plastic waste while empowering refugee communities in Tongogara refugee camp


Using labor-based Approaches, we train youths in the skills of construction using plastic waste hence creating jobs


Ensuring that our technology is effective, we always do research and make sure we involve experts in the process


Visitors from Girl guides also happy about our work and they choose to learn how we do it at Upcycle Africa.


We break the narrative that construction is for only men; we ensure that no one is left behind through construction


A wall was raised by one of our experts. The wall is being constructed from plastic bottles and mortar


These really beautiful houses constructed from plastic waste are also accommodation facilities for tourists and visitors who wish to support sustainability efforts.


We train the young generations to repupose plastic waste into different products of inherent value. Hence ensuring a sustainable future.


We use locally available materials for example, plasic waste, old jerry cans, among others. In the picture we are using car tyres to roof our a house.

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Be part of the solution not part of the pollution

Join Upcycle Africa by donating and building houses from plastic waste. Your support has a meaningful impact on sustainable construction and environmental conservation.