Engage with Upcycle Africa

Thank you for your interest in joining us in our mission to transform waste into opportunities and empower marginalized communities. There are several ways you can engage and support our initiatives:

Volunteer and Internship Programs

Join us as a volunteer or intern and contribute directly to our projects on the ground. Whether you have skills in waste management, community outreach, or creative design, we welcome your enthusiasm and dedication.

Waste Management Workshop Facilitator

Lead engaging sessions on waste reduction strategies and recycling techniques for community empowerment and environmental stewardship.

Community Clean-Up Coordinator

Organize impactful clean-up events to remove litter and raise awareness about waste management in local neighborhoods.

Sustainable Fashion Design Intern

Gain hands-on experience in creating eco-friendly and inclusive fashion pieces using upcycled materials and sustainable practices.

Partnership and Sponsorship

Partner with us to make a lasting impact. We collaborate with businesses, NGOs, and individuals who share our vision for sustainable development and social empowerment.


Sponsorship of Eco-Home Construction Projects

Support eco-homes for marginalized communities. Build sustainable futures together.


Joint Awareness Our Campaigns

Join hands for environmental education. Raise awareness, inspire change.


Supply Chain Collaboration for Waste Recycling

Partner in waste recycling. Strengthen supply chains for sustainable impact.

Donations and Fundraising

Your donations support our programs and enable us to reach more communities with our initiatives. Every contribution counts towards a cleaner environment and brighter futures for marginalized groups.

One-time Donation

Make an immediate impact by giving a one-time donation. Help us create sustainable solutions for marginalized communities and the environment.

Monthly Giving

Join our monthly giving program to sustain our efforts long-term. Your consistent support empowers communities and protects our planet.

Fundraising Campaigns

Participate in our fundraising campaigns to rally support and raise awareness. Together, we can make a meaningful difference

Community Engagement and Events

Upcoming Events:

Attend our workshops, clean-up events, and awareness campaigns. Connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to tangible change in your community.

Impact Stories and Testimonials

Discover how your support is making a difference. Read inspiring stories from communities we've empowered and see the transformative impact of our projects.

Impact Story : "David, a local community leader, collaborated with Upcycle Africa to implement waste management initiatives in his neighborhood. By educating residents and providing tools for recycling, David's community has significantly reduced plastic waste and created new income-generating opportunities for families."

"With Upcycle Africa's support, we transformed our community's approach to waste management. Together, we've turned challenges into opportunities, fostering a cleaner environment and empowering residents to take pride in their surroundings. Our collective efforts are making a lasting impact.

Impact Story: "Grace, a young entrepreneur, struggled to find employment due to limited opportunities in her community. Through Upcycle Africa's training programs, Grace learned to create fashionable products from recycled plastic. Today, Grace runs a successful eco-friendly fashion brand, empowering other women and contributing to waste reduction.

Testimonial: "Thanks to Upcycle Africa, I turned my passion for fashion into a sustainable business. By upcycling plastic waste, I not only create stylish accessories but also raise awareness about environmental issues. It's fulfilling to know that my work makes a positive difference

John, a refugee displaced by conflict, found hope and purpose through Upcycle Africa's eco-home construction project. By learning eco-construction skills, John helped build shelters using recycled plastic, providing durable and affordable housing solutions for vulnerable families. Now, John is not just rebuilding homes but rebuilding lives

Upcycle Africa gave me the opportunity to contribute to my community in a meaningful way. Building eco-homes from plastic waste not only supports sustainability but also empowers us to create safe spaces for families in need. I am proud to be part of this impactful movement.

Get Ivolved

Be part of the solution not part of the pollution

Have questions or want to explore a specific engagement opportunity? Reach out to our team for more information.

info@upcycleafrica.org/ +256759998614 (WhatsApp)